Become A Member


First let me apologize about the confusion. There are 2 parts of Club Genesis. The physical club location and the dating app. You must have an active membership for the club to attend the physical location.

The Club

Everyone must have a membership to attend the physical club. To obtain membership bring your identification and cash to the club and we can sign you for a membership at the door. We do prefer new members get to the club prior to 10:30pm so there is a better chance we are able to give you a tour of the club and answer any questions.

The Dating App

This site is also a dating app. We have thousands of people mostly in the mid-south region on the site. Create a profile and chat with other like-minded individuals. We will continue to add new features to the website. Right now the dating app is free to use, but in the future some functionality will only be made available to people who have an active membership to Club Genesis.